Our services are divided into three main areas: graphic design, branding and digital products: websites and online stores. When working with companies, we always aim to create communication that is beautiful and legible. Regardless of the field in which we operate, we aim for simplicity of form and richness of content.

We value each project individually. We prepare the offers after determining the scope of our work and familiarizing with the project guidelines.



Vision, mission and an effective storytelling is the essential part of good Branding. Outstanding companies have something in common, their purpose, memorable visuals and clear messaging are consistent and carefully planned. From logo, website through all promotional materials – colors, interiors, scent, product packaging to the service design – you can feel their holistic brand strategy. We know that every corporation, company or even small local businesses have their purpose, mission which make up for their unique DNA. Our promise is to catch what is essential and give every company an image which will reflect their individuality. We make companies recognizable, distinctive on their market.

Logo is a key element of corporate identity. When designing a logo for a company, in addition to assessing the aesthetic qualities of the project, we evaluate its value. The focus is on verifying if the logo fulfills its role – reflects the values the company wants to convey. The most important characteristics that determine Logo’s value should be it’s memorability, legibility, recognizability and uniqueness.

Need a logo? Contact with as, with just few more details about your needs we will send you an personalized offer.

The cooperation always starts with getting acquainted with your guidelines regarding the Logo design. The guidelines are determined at the meeting or by e-mail and are summarized in writing in the Brief of the project. Designed logo can be used on all printed and digital materials, in full color, gray scale and monochrome.

Identity of your company is more than logo, although it’s crucial element of it. It’s a consistent visual system – the whole picture which allows to recognize your brand through every element of it: website, stationery, envelopes, bussines cards, every promotional material, colours and typeface, the appearance of the buildings, distinctive interior design and many other means.


website icon


Website is an essential tool for a company to communicate with its client, as well as the most popular mean of sales via online stores. Depending on the type of business it can present a business offer or become a space that performs a specific functions that helps to run your business or becomes the basis of it. Website is a great marketing medium that increases credibility and allows you to attract new customers. It is your business card in the network – which must both represent your company’s key selling points and meet a number of other requirements. One of them is Seo Optimization (Search Engine Optimization). It improves the position of the page in the search results of popular search engines such as Google or Bing. We can control our websites due to modern CMS systems such as WordPress.

Firstly, we want to know what you stand for and who you stand beside. We will ask you about your needs, expectations and ideas. Details such a way you use to communicate with your clients or how you would like to be perceived in next few years. It will allow us to create consistent language to use throughout your entire brand that will speak to your audience. During our first personal meeting or by email we will set the most important goals and we will talk about the ways of achieving them.

Later, we will discuss our work range and value of each stage. Detailed timeline with all stages specified will be presented in the offer, you will receive within 24 hours after the first meeting. From the beginning you will know the workflow timeline with its pricing and during the project you will be always up to date.

The server is the foundation of the house in which your website will live. A domain is an address of that house.

Big, well-known companies are able to provide the best quality and the fastest servers with 24-ours online support. That’s why we advise to choose well known, proven hosting company. We don’t provide you a server but we can recommend good ones. We will we lead you through all details regarding package selection and we will help you with the purchase.

For the curious: Using the same comparison, where the server is a foundation and a domain is an address the house will be a content management system, such a WordPress

We already know each other so we can start our cooperation. We start with creating a detailed site map, at this stage without any visual design. We use to call it affectionately The Skeleton. Here we define the subpages and their content. Also, we’re going to define the menus, buttons, all references and links – everything we need to know how to navigate the site.

For example: The subpage About us will contain a short text about the company (about 400 characters), a slide with yours contractor logos (6), a link to the contact and a link to the offer. In the offer subpage will find a contact form with the following fields: Name.. Surname… (…)

The Skeleton will be presented in the form of a wire-frame and delivered in PDF format.

As The Skeleton is ready, we can start putting some things on it.

You can choose to write texts based on that map yourself. Also – a copywriter can help put your ideas down through the voice of your new brand.

Creating texts we pay particular attention to key words required for website positioning. The texts must be transparent, easily legible & understood and free of typos.

If your site will be multilingual we can arrange the translations into the 20 most popular languages. Translation is outsourced to an external company and is subject to a separate offer.

Using everything we’ve gathered, we can start by adding the visual design to all that content. At this stage we will figure out how your website will actually look like. Basically, we will decide what our skeleton should wear. We will present a concept that fits your guidelines and it’s consistent with your company’s brand. The concept is further refined until we reach the final version.

It’s time to discuss all the effects and interactions which will appear on the website – so plan what and how will move, jump or change colour when it’s clicked or after moving it with the mouse.

The Design will be presented and delivered in PDF format.

Very important! Any amends regarding to the content are made at this stage.

At this stage, we will make that skeleton have a body from meat and flesh! At this point, we are beginning programming so the visual design will come alive.

After we make it up and running we will install it on the server and connect it to the domain. Once it’s done, we’ll present it to you and go through the details in accordance with the objectives originally set.

Don’t worry, we will not show it to the world untill you will approve it.

Very important! Any further amends are made at this stage.

The test process is a carefully considered one. We operate to a checklist which we’ve created. We need to ensure email addresses don’t go down, the site doesn’t have any downtime, any links are re-directed to the wrong pages and several other things. If there are any issues, we fix them.

As soon as everything is checked twice, the website is free to go live, it will be waiting for your approval to be introduced to its users.

We want to be sure that you know how to use your website or webshop. It is very important that you know how to enter the WordPress user panel, make minor changes to the text or add new products to your online shop. That’s why, the final stage is a meeting or online conference, we will arrange to teach you all skills you will need.

We provide technical support for the first month after the project ends. Technical support includes system and plugins updates, repairs of errors resulting from the use (return to original settings) and online consultations. The technical support period does not include changes in the website design or adding any new pieces. The warranty period is half a year. During the warranty period, we can restore the page to its original settings at any time.


graphic design


We use graphic design to transfer information through image, lettering or animation. Creating a clear and aesthetic communication is always the result of an analysis focused on defining a purpose and an audience. Like painting or other arts, graphic design impacts emotions and has an aesthetic value – these elements are inherent. What really distinguishes graphic design and functional graphics from other art areas is defined and planned impact on the viewer. This type of Graphics makes the user absorb information faster and memorize it quicker. Attractive and transparent way of presenting the content strengthens the message and enables us to reach target clients more effectively.

Questions and Answers

Every project we make, it's different and custom so it respond to the needs of each client. That's why we do individual pricing. First meeting it's always free. At the meeting we will be able to estimate the price and within 24 hours after the meeting you will receive a detailed offer. You can always call us and we will give you your fist estimation after asking you a few questions.

Because each project is custom it requires a different amount of time. For websites usually it will take us between 4 - 8 weeks to have it live. At our first meeting we will be able to estimate overall project time to within a few business days. Detailed timeline with all stages specified will be presented in the offer, you will receive within 24 hours after the meeting. Please pay attention, that we can stick to the timetable only if we will receive all the necessary data and information from you on time. However, you will always be kept informed of the progress of our work. If something will hold us on, you'll know what, why and for how long.

any questions?

If you have a question, write to us using the form below. We will respond as soon as possible. We will post repetitive questions in our FAQ.

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